PGA Humic Acid Fertilizer


1.the nutrition is comprehensive, the proportion is balanced, enhances the fertilizer effect

PGA humic acid containing water soluble humic acid fertilizer is the use of high quality and selection of imported raw materials, according to the crop nutrient demand, scientific ratio, and both are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and contain sulfur, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and other nutrients, with PGA synergist, can enrichment of nutrients, improve the utilization rate of various elements and nitrogen can reach more than 60%, phosphorus is above 5%, potassium above 17%, and obvious effects.

2. increase production and excellent production, high quality, green environmental protection

Containing humic acid, PGA and various nutrients, can promote root development, stem stout, promote protein synthesis, production effect is obvious, can increase in grain production 10-15% of vegetable production such as 10-30%, PGA can chelate precipitate toxic elements, make its are not absorbed by crops, production of various agricultural products high nutrition, taste good, green pollution-free, good quality.

3. the improvement soil, the protection farmland, the sustainable agriculture

After application, the product can activate loose soil, increase aeration performance, promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in soil, and have the effect of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fixation.It is a good fertilizer for the sustainable development of agriculture and land.


1. Scope of application

Corn, wheat, soybean, rice, sorghum, potato, beet, tobacco, fruit trees, medicinal materials, flowers and various vegetables.

2.Usage and dosage

Can be broadcast, ditch, irrigation, spraying, can do base fertilizer, top fertilizer, the amount of per mu 80-100kg, topdressing with 50-80kg, spraying per mu with 5-10kg, diluted 250 times is appropriate, 15-20 days once.

Standard: NY1106-2010

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