PGA Organic Fertilizer


1.comprehensive and balanced nutrition

The product is rich in various organic elements such as free amino acid, biochemical fulfuric acid, bacterial protein and sugar, and various nutrient elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese and zinc, with a reasonable and balanced proportion and high nitrogen content.

2.enrichment of nutrients, improve fertilizer utilization

After contact with soil, the unique factor PGA can rapidly chelate the effective ingredients in fertilizer, provide stable and balanced nutrition during the whole growth period of crops, and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, which can improve the nitrogen utilization rate by 60%, phosphorus utilization rate by 5%, and potassium utilization rate by more than 17%, with obvious effect.

3. Promote root development, protein synthesis and yield increase

Rich in various amino acids, it can stimulate the growth and development of crops sustainably, enhance the root system vitality, improve the crop immune ability, promote the synthesis of protein, with obvious yield increase effect, grain crop yield increase 10-15%, vegetable yield increase 10-30%, oil crop yield increase 10%, etc..

4. Chelate and precipitate toxic elements to ensure the quality of crops

It contains unique factors that can chelate and precipitate the toxic metal elements in the soil to prevent the toxic elements from being absorbed by crops, thus guaranteeing the quality of agricultural products, improving the nutritional content, good taste, long freshness time, and improving the sweetness of fruits, good shape and bright color

5.improve the soil environment, improve the soil

Not only increase soil mediator morality of the function, and can keep the moisture in the soil, improve the cohesive soil volume, improve the sandy soil is protecting fertilizer and water retention ability, promote the growth of beneficial soil microbes, activation soil, preventing harden and enhance soil water retention, fat, ventilation ability, enriching the soil fertility, improve soil, is the sustainable development of land fertilizer.


1.Scope of application

Rice, corn, wheat, soybean, vegetable, potato, beet, tobacco, fruit tree, tea tree, medicinal materials, flowers, lawn and other grain and economic crops.

2.Method of use

Each mu of field crop has 80-100kg of base fertilizer and 40-50kg of top fertilizer.Fruit and vegetable category per mu of base fertilizer 100-150kg, top fertilizer 40-50kg.

3.Instructions and precautions

When applying the base fertilizer, turn it deep into the soil and apply it in one or several times;When dressing and flushing, choose ditching and striping, and reduce the amount of dressing and flushing as appropriate.

When applying fertilizer, seeds, seedlings or young roots should be isolated from fertilizers to avoid direct contact with plants, seeds and seedlings.

ƒ according to the characteristics of the plant growth period, should fill a full amount of phosphorus, potassium fertilizer.

Standard: NY525-2012

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