Sulfamic Acid(Sulphamic Acid )CAS No.:5329-14-6


Sulfamic acid is pure high stability White cystal at normal temperature.and can maintain original quality for several years. Nonvolatile, non-hygroscopic,smell-less. Sulfamic acid’s all normal products(Ca,Ba and P except)  Freely soluble in water and liquid ammonia,strongly acidic in water solution.Slightly soluble in methanol,insolublein ethanol and ether. Sulfamic acid’s water solution is high zonize substance,PH lower than Formic acid phosphoric acid and oxalic acid Melting point is 205oC ,decomposing temperature is 209oC,specific gravity 2.126


Sulfamic Acid is a kind of very important fine chemical. It is the main raw material for Sodium Cyclamate and AK(Acesulfame Potassium). It’s also widely used as an herbicide,fine retardant,depurative of metal,pottery and porcelain. It is also a kind of softener and bleacher of paper and textile. It is catalyst for the synthesis of urearesin. It can remove nitrile during the production of azo dyes.It is a stabilizing agent for chloridizing and bleaching in the swimming pool.It is used as PT primary agent of acid base titration in analytical chemisty,It also widely used as acidic cleaner,cleaning out the oil well, increasing oil production, galvanization, electrochemical polish and bitumen emulsifying and so on.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation:

PP bags with plastic liners or paper bag with Plastic liners ,25kg per bag.or Flexible Containers with 500kg,1000kg. Stored in dry and cleanplace. Protection from sunshine,rain moisture and a acute.

IndexPremium gradeFirst grade
AppearanceWhite crystallineWhite crystalline
Purity (NH2S03H)≥99.8%≥99.5%
Moisture≤ 0.03%≤ 0.1%
Sulpate (SO42-)%≤ 0.01%

≤ 0.05%

Iron (Fe3+) %≤0.001%≤0.001%
Heavy metal(pb)≤0.001%≤0.001%
PH Value(1%)1.0-1.41.0-1.4
Insoluble water≤0.01%≤0.02%

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